Launch Workshops

Finding Your Work/Life Balance

Creating Work/Life Balance today is all about prioritization. In this workshop, we will examine the various roles you play as you go about your day, and how to prioritize your tasks to ensure you spend your precious time they way you'd like to spend it. 

LAUNCH Yourself: Resume Workshop

What's the difference between a chronological resume and a functional resume? Is a multi-page resume really a taboo? How much personal flair is too much? What are common resume writing faux pas? Come explore all of this and more. Bring your resume and come prepared with questions.

How to Have a Great Day!

How to Have a Great Day is a 90 minute long workshop facilitated by Lauren Cavanagh (Personal Trainer/Health Coach) and Torrey Ross (Life Coach) . It focuses on how we can optimize each portion of our daily lives to ensure we stay positive and efficient, and don’t get dragged down by the little stressors that can get in the way. Through a series of fun activities and interactive discussions, we share both big picture ideas and practical tips to give you the resources you need to ensure you can live your best life every day.

Fuel and Nourishment: How to Eat to Achieve your Goals

We all have different goals when it comes to eating: losing weight, feeling less bloated, lifting heavier weights, living longer, eating cleaner, etc. In this one-hour workshop dedicated to learning simple ways to use food to better achieve your goals, we will discuss all of these topics and more. No fad diets, only safe sustainable suggestions for living a healthier life that sets you up for success. 

Custom Workshops

Don't see anything here that suits your needs? Contact me to discuss what you are looking for and I would be happy to put something together.