Corporate Health & Wellness


In order to maintain a  happy and engaged workforce, companies today need to offer to offer more perks than ever before. Corporate wellness programs have been proven to have numerous positive results to both the company and employees, such as: improved employee wellbeing, increased staff productivity, and a decrease in overall health care costs to the employer. However,  many businesses try to offer wellness programming, but have no idea where to begin and how to maximize employee engagement.

Often, well meaning companies choose to provide their employees with sugary snacks and beverages that lead to mid-day crashes, or unhealthy meals without much thought to the health implications, especially for those with dietary restrictions or who are trying to watch what they eat. Employees work long hours, which means they may forego the gym to work on a deadline. Team members arrive early and leave late, so they have less time to spend relaxing or being with loved ones, which can decrease employee morale. 

My corporate health and wellness program gives your company the chance to make a positive, healthy impact on your staff with the following services: 

  • Corporate challenges! learn more here.

  • Healthy office snack and meal consultation

  • Pre-work, lunch, or post-work group fitness classes

  • Individualized health and wellness coaching sessions

  • Team-wide health and wellness challenges, click here for more information

  • monthly "Launch Lunches" - a healthy meal and discussion on various health topics facilitated by Launch

  • Workshops - please visit my workshops page for more information on the topics I cover

  • Consultation on health and wellness program incentives to increase employee engagement