Top 5 Home Gym Essentials

Top 5 Home Gym Essentials

A large portion of the LAUNCH health and wellness business model is in-home personal training. Naturally then, a frequently asked question is: “what are some essential items I should buy to build out my home gym?” And while there are a lot of items to choose from, Here are our top 5 recommendations:



What CANT you do with a good set of dumbbells? If you have nothing else in your home, buy a set of dumbbells. They are an incredibly versatile tool to have within your home. If you are new to lifting weights, start with around 8 lbs with the goal of eventually working your way up to heavier weights. Most gym equipment exercises can be modified to use only a set of dumbbells.

Here are some exercises to try with dumbbells: Bicep Curl, Goblet Squat, Shoulder Press, Chest Fly, Overhead Tricep Extension, Single leg deadlift, kneeling row, Hamstring curls, and many more.

Kettle Bells

Kettle Bells are also a very adaptable piece of equipment to have within your home gym. Since kettle bell exercises often rely on momentum, you should opt for a weight that is heavier than your dumbbells. Maybe 10 lbs or 15 lbs to start, again eventually working your way up to heavier weights.

Here are a few kettle bell exercises to try: Kettle Bell Swings (both arms and one arm), Halos, Pull Overs, Seated Russian Twist, Goblet Squat (many dumbbell exercises, can also be done with a kettle bell)


Mini Bands/Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an amazing way to add a challenge to every move you do. The mini-band (or “booty band”) is awesome for leg and glute work.

Mini band exercises: Squats (or jump squats), Straight leg lifts (forward, back and to the side), flute bridge movements


Similarly, resistance band tubes, are a great way to challenge the upper body. Use thicker tubing or increase the level of resistance when your dumbbells start getting too light for exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, and shoulder world. You can also rig up your resistance bands to anchor to the wall, or behind a closed door, so you can do rows or lat pull downs.

Jump Rope

This tiny, inexpensive piece of cardio equipment packs a big punch. In fact, jumping at a moderate rate can burn 10-16 calories per minute! try out different jumps to make jumping rope more fun like: alternating foot jumps, criss-crossing your arms or feet as you jump, jumping side to side or front to back, and more.


Tired of basic crunches? Add in some core gliders (or sliders). These little guys get you abs burning like crazy! Plus they are easy to travel with.

Exercises to try with core gliders: mountain climbers, plank to pike (with the gliders on feet or hands), plank jacks, etc.

Check out the LAUNCH Amazon Associates page to purchase the items listed here, and check out some of our other recommendations.

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