Get a Great Workout at Your Desk

Get a Great Workout at Your Desk

Who said you need to go to the gym in order to get a great workout? This is an awesome set of exercises you can do from your desk and with very limited time. 

LAUNCH Desk Workout

March/Run in Place - Do this for 30 seconds to elevate your heart rate and prepare your body for your desk workout.

Chair Squat - start standing. squat down to your chair (maybe even hover 1/2 an inch over the chair seat, so you don’t give yourself the chance to relax) and come back to standing. Repeat.

Desk Pushups - Start standing, Hands should be holding onto the edge of your desk. Step your feet out until you are in a plank position (think: one piece of steel from head to heel). Bring your arms wide and into a pushup position. Lower your chest down toward the desk and push to come back up. Repeat. 

Hamstring Curl - start standing. you may hold onto a desk or the back of a sturdy chair. Slowly bring your heel toward your butt. Do 10-12 on each leg.

Baby Bounces (or “pretend jump rope”) - bounce on the balls of your feet for 30 seconds. 

Tricep Dips - Find a stable chair (not one with wheels). Bring the heels of your hand to the edge of the chair seat, fingers facing toward you. Bend your elbows back toward the chair back behind you, as you lower yourself toward the floor and then straighten your arms. your elbows should stay in to your side and pointing behind you the whole time. Repeat. 

Calf Raises - Again, use a desk or the back of a chair if you need it. raise up onto your toes and then bring your heels back down. Repeat.

Desk Chair Wheel-In - Sitting in a chair with wheels, lift your feet off the floor. Bring your hands to the edge of your desk and straighten your arms. pull your chair back in toward the desk until your chest touches the desk, then push yourself out. Keep legs lifted the whole time. Repeat.

Seated Crunches - From a seated position, your can bring your hands to your desk, elbows bent and pointed toward the floor. Pull your abs in as your curl forward bringing your elbows down by your hips. Could also do this for oblique, by bringing elbows to either side (still bent and still pointing toward the floor), and bending over to either side to drop the elbow. 

Do each exercise 10-12 times. Try to do 3 sets per day. This can be done all at the same time, or split up over three different parts of the day. 


Hip Flexor Stretch* - Start standing. Bring one knee back to the seat of your chair. Push the chair out and find a 90 degree angle in your standing leg. This should stretch the hip flexor in the hip of the leg that is on the chair. Hold this stretch for about 10 seconds. Switch Sides.

*Our hip flexor muscles can get really tight from sitting all day. This stretch helps to counteract that tightness, and also helps prevent or reduce lower back pain.

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