Health Coaching


Do you want to lose weight? Feel healthier? Achieve new fitness goals? Have more energy for your family? Let me help you get there!

Health coaching helps you reach your goals through accountability, support and helpful tips. It’t like having your own personal cheering squad - always on your side no matter the ups and downs. 

Making a lifestyle change is a huge commitment. I am here to help you set goals and provide you with the strategies needed to stay motivated and dedicated to achieving them. Some of the health coaching services I provide include:

Health Coaching.jpg
  • Consistent accountability

  • Macronutrient calculation or healthy eating guidelines

  • Behavior change and mindset shift coaching

  • Goal setting and recalibration

  • Healthy eating and exercise challenges

  • Grocery store walkthroughs

  • Pantry makeovers


For larger groups, I can make presentations on many topics related to health and wellness. For more information on my workshops, click here